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Candidates Registration

First and Foremost we would like to congratulate you for having taken the right decision and special efforts to browse through our site with the intention of seeking better career prospects and opportunities. In order to enable us to serve you better, you are advised to go through and understand the following points very carefully, and accordingly submit the documents required by our agency.

For registering with our agency, candidates are required to submit.

  • 2 hard copies of their CV’s with address, phone number, email address.
  • 5 CV's without address, phone number, email address and 2 colored passport size photographs.
  • The Agreement / Bond with Middle Range Services Pvt. Ltd. would be a declaration by the candidate that incase a candidate accepts the job through, Middle Range Services Pvt. Ltd. She/He will serve in the organization for a minimum period of three months. Failing to do so, the candidate will be legally liable to pay his / her one month’s gross salary to Middle Range Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • There is no service charge applicable to candidates either before / after seeking a placement through us.
  • Candidates will be issued a yellow slip by Middle Range Services Pvt. Ltd. mentioning the interview details, which has to be duly acknowledged and signed by the interviewer after the interview is over. This slip has to be further submitted to Middle Range Services Pvt. Ltd. within two days from the date of interview. Further the candidates are not advised to carry out changes in their Bio Data issued at the time of interview. If found guilty the candidate will amount to illegality and criminal offence punishable under provisions for the law and liable for prosecution.
  • Candidates are instructed not to inform or disclose their phone number or contact address to the employer and also not to contact the employer on their own at any later date.
  • Candidates shall abide One year & six month contract with us as per outsourcing payroll management job, which is under Middle Range Services Pvt. Ltd. She/ He cannot change job before complete the contract.

NB:  Candidates already having their Bio Data in their own format can send the same on our email ID apart from sending hard copies to our address.

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